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Lead by Example and Learn From Others

May 19, 2023

Whoever said we have a lot to learn was right! For me, it’s a never-ending (and lifelong) process that happens in various ways—often from colleagues during brainstorming sessions or peers I’ve met while traveling. Another Read More

Get To Know HQ Staff: Jackie Asekhauno

November 30, 2022

Jackie Asekhauno, who’s senior project manager of learning and experiences at SMPS HQ, took time out of her busy day to answer a few questions. Jackie calls Cary, NC, home and works remotely from there. Read More

Celebrating Women’s History Month in 2022

March 1, 2022

In honor of Women’s History Month, we reached out to SMPS HQ staff members to commemorate this observance. Below, they share their thoughts on women they admire. Semra Ergun, Senior Manager, Learning & Experiences My Read More

Representation Matters

January 28, 2022

The critically acclaimed television series “Black·ish” is currently airing its eighth and final season. The show is a satirical look at the Black experience through the eyes of three generations of the Johnson family. Those Read More

Get To Know SMPS HQ Staff: Nandi Rice

January 26, 2022

Nandi Rice, director of marketing for SMPS HQ, is responsible for leading the marketing strategies and messaging to promote SMPS and the SMPS Foundation. She took time out of her busy day to sit down Read More

They Crossed So We Could Flourish

September 7, 2021

I’m a Hispanic male, but I often find myself forgetting that. I was reading Alicia Washington’s article from last year, and I thought to myself, “Yep, uh-huh, oh me, too!”—particularly the parts where she shared Read More

Get To Know SMPS HQ Staff: Semra Ergun

April 29, 2021

In front of and behind the screen—that’s how I describe my work-life at SMPS these days, and it’s not a bad thing. Sometimes I’m a virtual show host, or idea generator, producer, and curator. Other Read More