Meet the Team

These are the people who keep our organization up and running, each and every day. From conducting research to developing educational materials to managing events like Amplify A|E|C, they’re here to ensure our organization serves its mission and its members.

Meagan Camp

Director, Learning and Experiences 703.684.2280

I lead content development and delivery through our various mediums to include (but not limited to) the Marketer, online and in-person learning. I also manage sponsorship/partnerships.

Molly Dall’Erta
Director, Member Recognition and Programs
I support the recognition of SMPS members, chapters, and firms for their achievements and excellence in A/E/C marketing and business development.
Kevin Doyle

Manager, administration, and Operations

I work to support the staff and operations for the good of the Society.
Michael V. Geary, CAE

Chief Executive Officer 703.684.2260

I’m the chief advocate for our members and leaders, our HQ team, and the marketing profession.
Natalie Gozzard, M.Ed.
Natalie Gozzard, M.Ed.

Vice President, Component Relations and Certification 703.684.2265

I’m guiding SMPS volunteers to develop and sustain strong, successful chapters and programs, and I am team lead for the Society’s certification program.
Christine Lucas

Coordinator, Accounting and Operations

I support membership and financial operations.
Matthew McFadden

Manager, Member Engagement 703.684.2277

I support, engage, and cultivate the SMPS community.
Tina Myers, CAE

Deputy Chief Executive Officer 703.684.2263

I’m caring for the Society, our staff, and our operations.

Antonio Payne, CPA, CDE

Chief Financial Officer and DEI Advocate

I safeguard the Society’s assets, support chapters, advocate for the Foundation, and advance a culture of inclusion.
Nandi Rice, MA

Vice President, Marketing 703.684.2267

I lead the strategy to promote the Society’s products, services, membership, Foundation and events.
Linda Smolkin

Senior Manager, Marketing 703.684.2266

I keep members in-the-know and staff on their editorial toes.
Devin Stubbs

Manager, Digital Marketing

I support the Society’s marketing and communications efforts through digital communications.
Marci D. Thompson, DES
Chief Strategy Officer
I lead the strategy for our members, leaders, our HQ team, and the marketing and business development profession.

Kai Wright

Associate Director, Volunteer Relations
I support SMPS volunteers by providing resources to ensure successful chapters and overall continuity.
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