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Why create a customized training program for your A/E/C enterprise?

The way you go about business will never be the same. In fact, it has never been the same for A/E/C firms. The way you market, lead, and grow your business is different than other industries, even other professional services firms. And SMPS understands that.
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SMPS Standards for Learning

Learning is a process and not the result. The amount of energy placed on “what”should be learned must be equal to “how” it should be learned. We want to move from acquisition of information to engaging knowledge transfer.

Principles of Adult Learning

Understanding the following is critical to the development of any educational program, as adults are:

  • Autonomous & Self-Directed
  • Bring knowledge & experience to Each Activity
  • Need Learning to beRelevant & Practical
  • Goal-Oriented
  • Problem-oriented & want to apply what They’ve Learned
  • Motivated by Intrinsic & Extrinsic Factors
  • Different Learning Styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)

Commitment to Learning

SMPS will provide opportunities for participants to direct their own learning.

SMPS will incorporate learning activities to touch each learning style.

SMPS will be impartial in selecting programs and speakers.

SMPS will provide clearly defined learning objectives.

SMPS will balance how content is presented.

SMPS will utilize a variety of assessment techniques.

SMPS will provide content that can transform businesses and support professional development

With our enterprise training, we’ll develop programs to help your business thrive. Our first step includes sitting down with you—either virtually or in-person—to talk about where your business currently stands and where you want to be. After that, we’ll develop a customized program through workshops and webinars offering interactivity and innovation.

Reach out if you’re ready to gain the tools and strategies needed for what’s now and next. Because, sometimes, one size doesn’t fit all—not even for the same firm. For more information, contact Marci Thompson marci@smps.org.

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