Strategic Plan

Two years ago, the SMPS board of directors assessed our previous strategic planning efforts. We are happy to report the core components of that plan are complete. This includes revamping the Build Business conference, publishing the SMPS Body of Knowledge (aka, Markendium), developing online learning tools, increasing our visibility and participation with allied organizations, and better aligning the Society and the SMPS Foundation toward a common purpose and intertwined operations (“One SMPS”).

As a 45 year-old organization that counts nearly 7,200 professionals as members, we cannot rest on our laurels. The decision to participate in SMPS is different for everyone and members demand a return for their investment. We know people don’t have the same amount of time as in the past, expectations are different and ever-increasing, and we can take advantage of new opportunities with advancing technologies.

Therefore, over the last two years, we connected with members, chapter leaders, and other stakeholders to explore professional, educational, and social needs and wants, as well as impressions of the Society. Along with other market research and input from business consultants, the board of directors approved in June our strategic plan for the next triennium. It is a plan that correlates closely with our vision of Business Transformed Through Marketing Leadership and strengthens our relevancy. SMPS will integrate our strategic plan into the organization’s workflow, ensuring that it is connected to programs and resources. This plan doesn’t address everything that SMPS does, but it is a heavy lift to further our mission and vision.

While our vision is bold, our plan is written in direct and simple terms. Our strategic plan is an effort that will have a permanent impact on the Society and the greater profession. As we advance the plan, the board of directors will report on progress and we invite our members to get involved.

Objective No. 1:

Change SMPS structure/content/marketing as needed to demonstrate value to firm leaders.

Our research found A/E/C firm leaders do not understand the value of SMPS to their organizations. To combat this, we will develop marketing and activation strategies to better engage firm leaders to improve their understanding and value of SMPS, and consequently encourage and support their staff to participate.

Objective No. 2:

Implement an organizational structure to standardize the SMPS experience.

Members tell us engagement varies dramatically across the organization due to a lack of consistency among our chapters and events offered under the SMPS umbrella. SMPS will address this by improving training for chapter leaders, incorporating technology to support chapter operations, and enhancing the products and services offered to chapters, among other initiatives.

Objective No. 3:

Vigorously “market” the value of marketing and business development.

The value of “marketing” is often under-appreciated at the leadership level of firms. We have an opportunity to communicate the role of marketing and adequately and broadly communicate what marketing is and the potential impact on firm performance. To address this, SMPS will enhance its communications efforts and programs.