DEI Certificate Program

Diversity Education Units

Designed for A/E/C professionals to cultivate and sustain effective DEI strategies that promote business growth, recruitment, and retention.

The DEI Certificate program will provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to develop, implement, and sustain effective DEI strategies and policies. Although research has shown that diverse and inclusive workplaces lead to better business outcomes, many A/E/C professionals do not have a blueprint to successfully activate an internal DEI program within their firm. By developing a DEI Certificate program customized for the A/E/C industry, SMPS will offer members the tools and roadmap to create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace.

To promote lifelong learning, SMPS will also require DEI certificate holders to earn DEUs, which are continuing education units specifically focused on diversity. This ongoing education allows participants to have access to resources that help them navigate the everchanging environment of workplace diversity. This certificate program aligns with our strategic priority to cultivate professionals with diverse expertise.


The DEI Certification Program to launch in early 2024.
Self-Paced Virtual Program


DEI Certificate program covers a wide range of topics, including bias and stereotypes, cultural competency, inclusive language, empathy, and other DEI-related topics that are relevant to the A/E/C industry. Our experienced facilitators will guide participants through an interactive and engaging curriculum that includes lectures, case studies, resources, discussion boards, and other hands-on.

DEI Certificate Program Modules

  • The Business of Diversity
    • Why Diversity is Good for Business
    • DEI 101: The Basics
  • Overcoming Unconscious Bias to Foster an Inclusive Workplace
    • Check your Privilege Checklist
    • Books/Articles/Resources (ex: Dear White Friend)
  • Inclusive Leadership
    • Empathy
    • Leveraging the Benefits of Diversity
    • Recruitment + Retention
    • Leading High Performing Teams
  • Building a DEI Program for Your Firm
    • DEI Assessment – Auditing Your Firm’s Workplace
    • Career Paths


Members will have the opportunity to engage with other A/E/C professionals refining their DEI programs. Since this DEI program is the only of its kind in A/E/C, we will invite all alliance partners’ members to participate.
  • Networking Opportunities
    • Cohort Networking within Learning Platform
    • Hosted events at SMPS Regional Conferences
    • Virtual Meetups quarterly
    • Private LinkedIn Group
  • DEI Mentoring
  • Engage Alliance Partners (AIA/ACEC/ AGC/SAME/ElevateHER)
    • Promote program as the elite DEI Certification Program for the A/E/C industry


Upon completion, members will be expected to participate in ongoing trainings to receive DEUs to maintain their DEI Certificate.

  • DEI Specific Programming
    • Women + AEC, Amplify A|E|C, DEI + A/E/C Townhalls
    • Marketer Articles about DEI
    • AEC Industry supported content on DEI


This certification program is developed for individuals, however, if one firm seeks to certify 3 or more professionals, they will receive a DEI Certificate for their firm.


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