About the SMPS Foundation

The SMPS Foundation delivers research and marketing intelligence to inspire success and improve bottom-line results.

Standing out from the competition is hard, and savvy professionals are always on the hunt for industry information that builds their competitive advantage.

Founded in November 1992, the SMPS Foundation produces relevant research that helps design and construction companies get—and stay—ahead. 

 Successful businesses are all about moving faster with less effort.  

The SMPS Foundation provides relevant research that helps professionals and their firms develop better strategies and tactics for short- and long-term wins. 

The A/E/C industries struggle with being limited by untapped diversity of and opportunity for all people. The SMPS Foundation provides programs and insight to support emerging professionals and bring perspectives to help companies transform through marketing leadership.

Research and
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Thanks to the generosity of our many donors, the SMPS Foundation regularly produces research reports, white papers, books, and other publications. Here you will find our most popular and recent additions to our work.

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With your support, the SMPS Foundation will continue to conduct research projects to help you and your firm succeed.