Congratulations, New CPSMs

Congratulations to the following professionals who recently became SMPS Certified Professional Services Marketers (CPSMs). They join a group of more than 1,000 professionals who’ve made a commitment to professional excellence, career advancement, and pursuit of knowledge through the Domains of Practice. To learn more about the CPSM program, visit our website.


Kassia Alamm, CPSM

Traci M. Althouse, CPSM

Taylor N. Arias, CPSM

Courtney E. Behm, CPSM

Danielle Bergmann, CPSM

Katie Bock, CPSM

Emily Browning, CPSM

Monica Bruaw, CPSM, LEED Green Associate

Caitlin  A. Carbone Hernandez, CPSM

Tiffany Carter, CPSM

Jimmie Collins, CPSM

Victoria Edwards, CPSM

Stacey Ellis, CPSM

Julie C. Fountain, CPSM

Sara Garber, CPSM

Kelly M. Garza, CPSM

Melanie M. Gill, CPSM

Lisa Gill, CPSM

Amanda Gluck, CPSM

Sarah K. Godward, CPSM, MSTPC

Zach Gostanian, CPSM

Karin Grinzel, CPSM

Mary Gunnison, CPSM

Jessica  F. Guyer, CPSM

Wallace Hise, P.E., CPSM

Matthew E. Jacobsen, CPSM

Callie T. Key, CPSM

Sarah Kinnard, CPSM

Elizabeth O’Rourke Kupcha, CPSM

Michelle Laframboise, CPSM

Corie Lahr, CPSM

Mimi Lai Drivas, CPSM, LEED Green Associate

Virginia T. Larsen, CPSM

Corissa J. Lickingteller, CPSM

Jeana Majeske, CPSM

Bethany, May, CPSM, CF APMP

Rory W. McMahon, CPSM

Jena K. Naylor, CPSM

Martha, Ortiz, CPSM

Kristen Palczewski, CPSM

Trisha Palmer, CPSM

Robyn Payne, CPSM

Nicole C. Pesce, CPSM

Jacki M. Quinn, CPSM

Kelly E. Reinhardt, CPSM

Lisa Robach, CPSM

Natalie Rodriguez, CPSM

Molly Romano, CPSM

Carolina Romero, CPSM

Morgan Rooney, CPSM

Andrea R. Rushlow, CPSM

Ritu Sandhu, CPSM

David A. Santana, CPSM

Myriah McMahan Shewchuk, PLA, LEED AP, CPSM

Blake Thompson, CPSM

Deena M. Turnbull, CPSM

Anya Walker, CPSM

Jennifer Wilds, CPSM

Megan Young, CPSM

Vicki Zak, CPSM

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