SMPS Fellows Spotlight: Gabe Lett

For our member spotlight, Gabe Lett, FSMPS, CPSM, sat down for a virtual chat with us to share what it means to be an SMPS Fellow. Gabe is senior marketing specialist at Allgeier, Martin and Associates.

What are the benefits of becoming an SMPS Fellow? There are worthwhile benefits to becoming an SMPS Fellow. You put in the time and energy to be the best marketer for yourself and the company(s) you serve. As a lifelong learner, an initiator, and a leader, the SMPS Fellows program recognizes your achievements. As a Fellow, you are recognized as an authority in all things A/E/C marketing. This brings new opportunities for speaking engagements, writing, and volunteering. The Fellow title is highly respected in the A/E/C field and offers better career prospects. Networking with other Fellows brings a strong motivation to grow professionally and personally. Being an SMSP Fellow helps you advance your career and find more fulfillment in your profession.

What does it mean to be an SMPS Fellow? Becoming an SMPS Fellow is both an honor and a charge. The honor is the recognition of your marketing career accomplishments and contributions. The charge is to inspire and elevate others in professional services marketing.

The SMPS Fellows program benefits marketers who show exceptional leadership and contribute greatly to our profession. That recognition motivates continued service to other marketing professionals to elevate their game! SMPS Fellows show how to lead their firms in growth and profit. They mentor and train new generations of marketing professionals. Fellows pioneer, innovate, and inspire. If this is you, formalize your passion by becoming an SMPS Fellow!


Are you an SMPS Fellow? Reach out to SMPS HQ’s Molly Dall’Erta at if you’d like to be featured. Interested in becoming a Fellow? Check out our website to see if you’re eligible to apply.


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