SMPS Fellows Spotlight: Cricket Robertson

For our member spotlight, Cricket Robertson, FSMPS, CPSM, sat down for a virtual chat to share what it means to be an SMPS Fellow. Cricket is marketing and communications manager for Gannett Fleming.

What are the benefits of becoming an SMPS Fellow? There are many benefits to becoming an SMPS Fellow, and each person will rank them differently. For me, becoming a Fellow represents reaching a pinnacle career achievement that continues to elevate a) marketing and business development as a profession and b) our credibility of being valued partners to our operations counterparts. They are trained in their respective fields and becoming a Fellow—which requires a CPSM—demonstrates our training and contributions to the A/E/C industry. In addition to company contributions recognition, Fellows are the first to be asked for various Society input and volunteer opportunities, and most of all, serve as a resource to the Society at all levels.

What does it mean to be an SMPS Fellow? Being named an SMPS Fellow is a pinnacle career achievement. If you ask each Fellow, we are likely to all respond differently. Professionally, it demonstrates our holistic contributions and successes in the A/E/C industry—at Society, company, and industry levels. It also helps us transform our business operations through marketing leadership. Organizationally (the Society), it’s a commitment to give back to SMPS and help pave the way for future marketers and business developers. Personally, it’s a reminder of my tenacity and fortitude. What it doesn’t mean is that we are done learning and growing—quite the opposite. Being a Fellow is a big responsibility, and I take that seriously.


Are you an SMPS Fellow? Reach out to SMPS HQ’s Molly Dall’Erta at if you’d like to be featured. Interested in becoming a Fellow? Check out our website to see if you’re eligible to apply.

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