Congratulations to our new CPSMs

Congratulations to the following professionals who recently became SMPS Certified Professional Services Marketers (CPSMs). They join a group of more than 1,000 professionals who’ve made a commitment to professional excellence, career advancement, and pursuit of knowledge through the Domains of Practice. To learn more about the CPSM program, visit our webpage.

Wendy P. Abeel, CPSM
Stephany R. Achorn, CPSM
Melissa  Aiken, CPSM
Michelle Ann Bailey, CPSM
Caitlin A. Barry, CPSM
Kendra Braunger, CPSM
Ashley Bulluck, CPSM
Kaity Burke, CPSM
Briana M. Carter, CPSM
Kristina B. Chang, CPSM
Renee Childress, CPSM
Lesley E. Cocores, CPSM
Jennifer Cowell, CPSM
Charlotte F. Deni, CPSM
Maureen Duffy, CPSM
Erin M. Emerson, CPSM
Lynn M. Enebrad, CPSM
Christopher Gardner, CPSM
Emma M. Hale, CPSM
Olivia Jacobson-McKelvie, CPSM
Lisa Marie Jensen, CPSM
Kathryn E. Jones, CPSM
Ashley M. Kaylor, CPSM
Paula Lawson, CPSM
Kim McDonough, CPSM
Lindsay R. McGimpsey, CPSM
Cisley McPhail, CPSM
Michele M. Ode, CPSM
Krystal  Paisley, CPSM
Emma B. Parker, CPSM
Jessica J. Parkins, CPSM
Ellen Peniston, CPSM
John G. Porter, CPSM
Kyle Reed, CPSM
Matt Rich, CPSM
Duncan Robertson, CPSM
Carley Frances Smith, CPSM
Jessica Lynn Snyder, CPSM
Jennifer C. Stanton, CPSM
Tracy Taylor-Sea, CPSM
Christa C. Wall, CPSM
Jamie Walters, CPSM
Nolan R. Wilds, CPSM
Ryan Williams, CPSM
Christine K. Young, CPSM

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