Energized for the Future: Vision for the Coming Year

The SMPS Foundation is poised to embark on an exciting journey this fiscal year under the servant leadership of a talented, dedicated board of trustees. We share a common commitment to advancing the A/E/C marketing and business development professions and driving innovation, transformation, and leadership opportunities within it.

As the president of the SMPS Foundation board of trustees, I reflect not only on my own career but also on my career through the lens of education, belonging to a community, partnerships, and volunteerism and its impact on my career. It. Means. Everything. The SMPS Foundation is a beacon of thought leadership, strategic volunteerism, and philanthropy. For those of you who are Simon Sinek fans, it is my “why.”

We are fortunate to have many remarkable members involved. For example, Fawn Radmanich, FSMPS, CPSM, one of the newly appointed trustees, brings a wealth of marketing acumen and industry knowledge to the table. She firmly believes that elevating the marketing profession requires a steadfast dedication to advancing the A/E/C industries as a whole. By harnessing her strategic capabilities, Fawn aims to make real and lasting improvements across the profession and shape the future trajectory of the industry.

Sarah Kinard, the new foundation secretary, recognizes the need for agility and adaptability in a business environment characterized by constant change. She expresses gratitude for the existence of the SMPS Foundation, which plays a crucial role in bringing future practices and innovative solutions to firms.

Our legacy leaders continue to be important as well. Barbara Shuck, FSMPS, CPSM, the outgoing foundation president, emphasizes the importance of industry data and insights in helping firms make informed decisions, especially in uncertain times. “The SMPS Foundation serves as a vital resource for compelling research that empowers marketers and business developers to drive growth and thrive. With a focus on delivering valuable research, the foundation aims to equip its members with the intelligence and tools necessary to navigate the ever-changing business landscape.”

With energized trustees at the helm, the SMPS Foundation is a catalyst and can continue to shape the future of the marketing profession and the broader A/E/C industries. This collective dedication to thought leadership, strategic volunteerism, and philanthropy will pave the way for innovative developments and a prosperous path for future generations. I look forward to serving with these dynamic professionals in such a worthwhile mission.


Article written by SMPS Foundation President Janet Lively McCauley, CPSM.

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