SMPS Foundation Trustees Provide Inspiration and Insights

Giving Means Different Things to Different People

Many SMPS members are unaware of the SMPS Foundation. Many others are unsure about the Foundation’s purpose and what it should mean to them.

Here’s something I’ve learned after nearly 30 years in the A/E/C industries: When people don’t know information, they fill in the gaps with their own opinions, which are often inaccurate. Today’s message is to address some SMPS Foundation gaps and fill them with insights from your Foundation’s trustees.

Fact: The SMPS Foundation provides relevant research that helps marketers at all experience levels expand their impact and helps companies make better decisions that positively impact their bottom lines.

Fact: Underserved students deserve access to scholarships. The SMPS Foundation provides scholarships that demonstrate the A/E/C industries’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Why should you care? By donating to the SMPS Foundation, you‘re supporting valuable research and scholarships that fuel our industry and professions.

What is a trustee? The property, affairs, and business of the SMPS Foundation are governed by its board of trustees. Trustees are charged with developing and investigating research topics, raising funds, hiring third-party researchers, and promoting the research.


Why do our trustees serve?

“Over the past six years, it has been rewarding to work on bringing projects such as the MarTech survey, Neuropsychology reports, and the Positioning and Differentiation study to our members and the industry. We’ve taken significant steps to introduce a career in the A/E/C industries through the Zinsmeyer scholarships. But honestly, I’m most grateful for the time spent with leaders from across the country who also see the need for – and value in – research. My time as a Trustee may be coming to an end, but I’ll be a donor for life!” –Andrea Goodwin, FSMPS, CPSM, Intranet Manager, Quanta Services, Inc., SMPS Foundation Past-President

“The Foundation is an essential element supporting SMPS’s mission. SMPS members need current, relevant research to advance their firms and their own careers. I’m proud to have played a role in the Foundation and I know that my donations will help further the cause.” –Brad Thurman, P.E., FSMPS, CPSM, Principal & Chief Marketing Officer, Wallace Design Collective, SMPS Foundation Trustee

“I support the Foundation with annual giving and volunteerism because the research we implement is critical to industry growth and innovation. The Foundation also grows the pipeline of A/E/C professionals by engaging students from underserved communities through the SMPS Foundation Zinsmeyer Scholarship program. These are two great examples of how the Foundation is an extension of the thought leadership and professional development SMPS is known for.” –Dr. Paula D. Stamp, MBA, FSMPS, CPSM, Vice President, Economic Development, CLAYCO, SMPS Board Liaison and SMPS Foundation Trustee

“I felt it was my “calling” to do more: called to be a champion for our industry, fellow professionals, and to do more than just enough. I wanted to use my donations, skills, and voice to help smooth the path for the future. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Society member and serving on the SMPS Foundation Board as a Trustee, officer, and as a committee chair for fundraising. I’ve also been honored to serve with and become lifelong friends with my fellow Trustees. I know the value of the Society, the value of our “family,” and the value it provides to professionals and principals across our industry, like me.” –Janet Lively McCauley, CPSM, VP Business Development, Healthcare, Erdman, SMPS Foundation President-Elect

“I am a trustee because I value the Foundation’s critical role in providing leading-edge research and innovation to our industries, and the collaboration among the trustees, SMPS staff, and other members.”- Joy Woo, FSMPS, CPSM, LEED AP, Senior Director, Urban Land Institute San Francisco, SMPS Foundation Treasurer

“Why do I give to the Foundation? The biggest reason: research and education have the power to transform the way we think and approach our work. I see how data and insights inform daily decision-making to create real impact for our companies, our clients, and more importantly, the communities in which we work. While not everyone is a marketer, ALL have a role in marketing that begins with awareness and access to information. Ultimately, the ability to inform and break educational barriers for ourselves and colleagues to connect, support, and align will only make us stronger. As marketers, we get to lead the future of marketing—every-single-day.”-Michele Raftery, FSMPS, CPSM, WELL AP, Principal, 4240 Architecture Inc., SMPS Foundation Secretary

“As a Trustee and avid supporter of the SMPS Foundation, I appreciate the pivotal marketing research that the Foundation conducts to move our industry forward. Additionally, as a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) graduate, I value the partnership that was established between the Foundation and the United Negro College Fund, Inc. (UNCF) to create the SMPS Foundation Zinsmeyer Scholarship which provides financial assistance to students who are interested in the A/E/C industries at HBCUs.” –Stacy Cunningham, CPSM, Associate, Marketing Manager, MoodyNolan

“To me, the Foundation represents the latest in A/E/C marketing advances and practices. The research and reports that come out of the Foundation’s activities help us all do our jobs better and more easily serve our employers’ interests better.”-Chuck Raymond, CPSM, Publications & Press Manager, Weston & Sampson

“The reason the Foundation is important to me, why I donate regularly, and why I give my time as a Trustee is this: change is constant. Information, research, new ideas, better ideas, and measurable ideas are what will make us and our companies successful.” –Sarah Kinard, Head Bird, The Flamingo Project, SMPS Foundation Trustee

“The SMPS Foundation challenges us to look outside of the day-to-day issues within our industry. This strategic perspective provides us with the space to tackle the important issues that make a big difference.” –CJ McClanahan, Speaker, Author, and Recovering Overachiever, Axis Business Solutions, SMPS Foundation Non-Member Trustee

“As a passionate practitioner of A/E/C marketing and business development, I have many choices where I spend my time and money. I’m grateful for those who have served on the Foundation, hard-working professionals who paved the way for research that I’ve used to improve my skills, my firms’ performance, and the industry’s awareness of critical issues and trends. I’m grateful for Andy Zinsmeyer and others who have funded scholarships that improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in our industry. I give in honor of those before me and to inspire the generations of A/E/C professionals to come.” –Barbara Shuck, FSMPS, CPSM, President, Everest Marketing Services, LLC, SMPS Foundation President


Take our motivations and words to heart. Add the SMPS Foundation as your professional charity of choice and donate today.

Article written by SMPS Foundation President Barbara Shuck, FSMPS, CPSM. Barbara can be reached at

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