All About AI


All About AI

Artificial intelligence has the power to transform the way many firms do business, especially in the A/E/C arena. To learn more about the technology, here are a few insights and articles about AI, where it’s going, and how this tool will revolutionize marketing.


The Future of Business Is AI, or Obsolete

Article by Paul Roetzer, published by Marketing AI Institute.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Marketing

Article by Bernard Marr, published by Forbes.

Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Marketing

Article by Jessica Wong, published on Entrepreneur.

How AI Is Revolutionizing the Design and Construction Industry

Article by Pardis Mirmalek, published on LinkedIn.

3 Ways To Drive Business Growth Using AI

Article by Aria Moore, published on Entrepreneur.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Businesses

Article by Adam Uzialko, published by Business News Daily.


Looking for additional programming on AI? We hosted an industry panel on April 20 and we learned about how AI can revolutionize A/E/C marketing. A special thank you to ProjectMark for bringing together this panel of leaders and the SMPS Foundation for sponsoring the event.

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