Building Inclusive Language

Building Inclusive Language

To support SMPS’ efforts to become a more inclusive organization and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion across the A/E/C industries, the DEI Committee has created a glossary to provide an informative introduction to content our industry uses and provide options to promote a more diverse and inclusive culture. The glossary is not comprehensive and is a living document that will be updated continually.

SMPS strives to provide tools and resources to affect positive change like promoting inclusivity in how we speak, write, and present ourselves to strengthen equitable and inclusive practices across the A/E/C industries. Words matter. Effective inclusion is intentional and requires raising awareness, planning, and implementation.

Also featured on the glossary’s website is an interactive field for suggestions of new content to be considered for inclusion in the glossary. The DEI Committee looks forward to your contributions.

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This article first appeared in the February/March 2023 issue of Marketer.

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