Are You Using the SMPS Foundation’s Research Publications?

Are You Using the SMPS Foundation’s Research Publications?

Have you been wondering how to develop a meaningful job description? Check out Blueprints 3.0.

Curious about how neuroscience is part of a client’s decision-making process? Read The Neuropsychology of Influence and Decision-Making.

Still want more to learn more about neuroscience? Download Theory Into Practice: The Neuropsychology of Influence and Decision-Making.

Want to know how competing firms position their brands and differentiate themselves in the same market? Grab a copy of Positioning and Differentiation In A/E/C Marketing, our newest publication.

How were these publications developed and funded?

Members of SMPS, their firms, chapters, and the regional conferences made it all possible. With their charitable contributions to the SMPS Foundation, we were able to fund impactful reports for your use and your firm’s.

But that’s not all. For the second year, the Foundation is providing scholarships and member benefits to students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. This year, the Foundation is awarding up to 15 scholarships via our Zinsmeyer Scholarships program. This was made possible through donations last year and future donations will help us continue the program.

As SMPS Foundation president, I often think about charitable donations. Out of all my research about why people give to organizations, here’s what I found the most interesting: The main reason why people give is because they’re asked. So, it’s time for me to do just that.

If you haven’t made a donation to the SMPS Foundation before: Will you give something to help assist students and fund research that will help you and your firm? Every little bit counts!

If you’ve donated before, thank you! Will you make another donation in 2023 to help us continue our work?

Donating to the SMPS Foundation is a good investment in your career because it’s specific for our industry. Your generosity also helps your firm and aids students who are our future—and our future leaders.

If you’d like to share why you give to the SMPS Foundation, please email me at We’re looking for great stories to spread the news about how the Foundation impacts careers and companies.

Want to know more about why people support charities like the Foundation?

Many people have charities they support with their time, dedication, and dollars. From global medical research to local community projects, and from religious institutions to kid- or pet-related organizations, giving feels good.

As SMPS Foundation president, I think about charitable donations often. I recently found some interesting statistics, which were updated for 2023 and taken from the website Double the Donation.

  • Overall giving grew 4.1% over the past year, the 6th consecutive year of growth.
  • Online giving grew by 12.1% over the past year. (Hint: you can donate to the Foundation online.)
  • 45% of worldwide donors are enrolled in a monthly giving program. (Hint: set up a recurring donation to SMPS Foundation.)
  • 30% of annual giving happens in December, with about 10% of all annual donations coming in the last three days of the year. (Hint: we have an annual giving campaign in December, and welcome donations every day of the year!)
  • 67% of worldwide donors also choose to volunteer locally in their communities, and 56% regularly attend fundraising events. (Hint: every chapter needs volunteers, so consider volunteering to improve your membership value!)
  • The 10 most generous corporations donate over $2 billion annually to nonprofits, much of it through employee matching gift programs. (Hint: ask your company if they have a matching gift program.)


Article written by SMPS Foundation President Barbara Shuck, FSMPS, CPSM. Barbara can be reached at

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