Blueprints 3.0 Emphasizes the Importance of the CMO

Blueprints 3.0 Emphasizes the Importance of the CMO

At a midsized construction company, there is a marketer in Nashville and one in Knoxville. Both manage proposals and promotional campaigns, reporting to their respective office leaders. At the headquarters in Chattanooga, a marketer reports to the chief executive officer but only manages the firm’s digital presence and branding, since the CEO expects office leaders to develop marketing and business development strategies for their locations. As a result, the three marketers rarely have reason to collaborate and often work independently.

This is not a setup for a bad joke but a widespread reality of decentralized and ungoverned marketing and business development programs that plague the A/E/C industry. However, there is a solution to this conundrum—a solution that also drives revenue, relationships, and reputation. It’s a chief marketing officer (CMO).

The CMO role is necessary for A/E/C firms to achieve their strategic and financial business goals. This C-suite leadership position guides marketing, business development, and sales efforts in holistic partnership with other business leaders (operations, human resources, finance, technology, etc.). With the new SMPS Blueprints 3.0, the path is paved for this new genre of industry leadership.

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Article written by Julie Witecki, CPSM, first appeared in the December 2022 issue of Marketer.

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