To SMPS at 50: Happy Lth

To SMPS at 50: Happy Lth

It’s well known that 50 translates to L in Roman Numerals. And so the idea of “SMPS at 50” inspired me to contemplate the letter L.

When I think of SMPS, Learning and Leadership come to mind. Then there are all the invaluable Lessons that our colleagues teach us, the Limitless incentives to excel in our professions, the Laughter we enjoy along the way. And who can forget the Lively array of programs with Luminous speakers and Lasting business connections.

To read more and meet the 50th Anniversary Task Force, download the full article.


This article first appeared in the December 2022 issue of Marketer. It was written by Ruth Millward who sits on the 50th Anniversary Task Force.

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