From Slump To Star

From Slump To Star

Over the years, my teen son and I have found connection by discussing sports— especially my hometown team, the Golden State Warriors.

My mind loves to think in analogies, and I couldn’t help but find the connection between winning projects in the architecture, engineering, construction industry, and the world of basketball. During the 2022 NBA Division playoffs, my son and I focused on one player in particular on the Warriors roster, Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins garnered a negative reputation for being lazy and overhyped on past teams. However, he seems to have found his groove with the Warriors, and in June 2022, he helped his team clinch the championship title in game six against the Boston Celtics.

As a follow-up to my February 2019 Marketer article “Teamwork is Everything in Business Development and Basketball,” I wanted to explore how the team environment—coach, fellow players, and fans— affects a player. Like Wiggins developed with his new team, can marketing & business development professionals create an environment that can help their technical staff improve?

While I always have theories, I reached out to some experts for their opinions. Two of my business development heroes are Elaine Moal, director of marketing and business development at Altura Associates in San Francisco, and Iben Falconer, global marketing and business development leader of SOM. I had them share their thoughts on how they help build their team, and we dove into my analogy. While no single environment works for everyone, here are some ideas that all of us should explore.


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Article, written by Janki DePalma, CPSM, LEED AP, first appeared in Marketer journal.

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