Leading With Authenticity

Leading With Authenticity

Leaders are made, not born. That was a session I attended at an SMPS conference in Portland, OR, in 1999. The session was led by Ted Sive, FSMPS, and Bill Strong, FSMPS, two amazingly talented marketers in the Seattle area. They handed out little cards they had made all about developing leaders and I hung that card by my desk for years. For someone fresh in the industry at the time, who possessed loads of energy, it resonated with me.

But how to lead? What is a leader anyway? There are so many ways to approach the answers to these
questions. Mine has always been: Be authentic. Authenticity is bringing your whole self to work; your behavior matches your intentions. Researches have found that when an individual is authentic and feels authentic at their workplace that it’s linked to higher engagement, higher workplace satisfaction, better performance, and better overall wellbeing.

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Article, written by Jennifer Van Vleet, CPSM, first appeared in Marketer.



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