Virtual Business Development

Virtual Business Development

Virtual business development seems to be a recently coined and common term in the A/E/C industries, as business development looks much different today than it did a couple of years ago. The opportunities to drop by prospects’ offices or meet them at a networking event are few and far between.

Our industries are still struggling to figure out what the next steps should be as business developers. In my experience, there are a few things we can do to continue to drive business and make connections during these uniquely challenging times.

Utilizing LinkedIn

This powerful business tool has been underutilized for years. Overall, the business community doesn’t understand the true value in the platform and how to harness its networking potential. First, creating a strong, complete profile that contains keywords throughout is instrumental in helping people find you.

Regularly share information (through articles or videos) about how you help clients, along with trends in the design and construction industries. This will keep you visible among your existing connections—don’t discount their importance and ability to help you win work. Comment and share information on their posts, too. The more engaged you are on the platform, the more your connections will see you in their news feed.


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Article, written by Lindsay Young, MBA, CPSM, first appeared in the December 2021 issue of Marketer journal.

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