2021 People’s Choice Award

2021 People's Choice Award

For the People’s Choice Award, all winning entries were displayed online and voted on by conference attendees, SMPS members, and the general public alike. The award was given to EXP from Chicago, IL, for their merit award-winning Recruitment and Retention  Communications entry, “MyEXPerience Series.”

GOALS: The MyEXPerience video series was developed in alignment with organizational goals set around defining EXP’s workplace culture and meeting recruitment targets. EXP had three primary goals for the series: promote EXP as an employer of choice through the unique experiences of its employees, promote EXP as an industry leader in multidisciplinary projects, and obtain a minimum of 8,000 views for the series.

TARGET AUDIENCE: An audience analysis helped strategize and determine the target audience and establish the tone for the video series. Audiences were initially segmented by internal and external, then narrowed specifically into users, influencers, and decision-makers, resulting in a wider reach.

To read more and learn about the research and planning of this People’s Choice project, download the full article.

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