Master Networking in a Way That Works for You

Master Networking in a Way That Works for You

As marketers and business developers, you understand that networking is vital to your career and firm success. Curating and cultivating a network that works is an essential part of a strategy I call bulletproofing your career … for life. This enables you to be successful in your current role, pivot or move up in your career, and find the next right role.

As an executive career coach, when I raise this topic with new clients, many say they don’t have time, or state they just don’t like to network. And the next thing I usually hear is “and besides, I’m an introvert—it’s very hard for me to network.” I’m not surprised this comes up so often, because most of the population are either introverts or ambiverts (a combination of introvert and extrovert personalities). In fact, an estimated 70% fall into one of those two categories.


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Article, written by Patricia Romboletti, first appeared in the October 2021 issue of Marketer.

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