Feeling Stuck? Get Inspired and Be Creative

Feeling Stuck? Get Inspired and Be Creative

As A/E/C marketers, our jobs require us to constantly create new things. Where does one continually find inspiration? With fewer opportunities to get fully enveloped into creative environments over this past year, we’ve had to be more diligent about getting our brains into a creative space.

For many of us, it’s been hard to think outside the box. We’ve felt stuck in our cubicle or home office, with limited access to in-person events like concerts and networking get-togethers. Adding to that, increased demands on our time, as well as the constant barrage of digital meetings, have increased our stress levels. When we’re stressed, it’s harder to think creatively. So, what can you do to get unstuck and creative again?

First, make sure you allow yourself time to de-stress each day. Take a break. Let your mind be free of distractions for a set period of time, which means you have to put down your phone. By doing this, you’ll return to the task(s) at hand with a fresh set of eyes and renewed energy. You can also schedule “get stuff done” time blocks on your calendar, so you’ll have enough time to complete projects without the need to multitask. Then, implement some of my simple strategies today to find inspiration.

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Article, written by Christina Beaird, CPSM, LEED Green Associate, first appeared in the August issue of Marketer.

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