Best Next Practices in A/E/C Marketing

Best Next Practices in A/E/C Marketing

As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant in life.” Often change is slow, gradually shifting the ways we work; other times a catalyst in the market causes rapid change that can be hard to keep up with. Such is the case with COVID-19.

The pandemic suddenly accelerated many unhurried workplace practice changes. Now, coming out of the last year, we’re looking back on what we used to do, what has changed, and what might change again. Based on what we’ve learned, what’s the best way of doing things? Beyond best practices—what’s the next practice?

Nearly everything we’ve done in the A/E/C community has been turned on its head, yet the underlying fundamentals haven’t changed. Our employees still need recognition, professional development, mentoring, and to be part of a workplace culture.

Marketers have often kept a pulse on and played a large role in developing this culture, but this has become much more difficult in a remote environment. In the past, we could host social or learning events to bring our staff and marketing teams together. Even as offices begin to reopen, a shift has occurred. In many cases, not everyone will be returning to the office. In fact, some offices have downsized such that the whole staff cannot be in the office at the same time anymore. As Microsoft calls it in a USA Today article, employees will merely have “touchdown space.”

So, how do marketers play their part in the A/E/C version of air traffic control? It all comes down to communications, digital transformation, and virtual interactions. Here’s what we see for best next steps.

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Article, written by Ida Cheinman and Jennifer Van Vleet, CPSM, ran in the August issue of Marketer.

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