Six Steps To Positively Influence Success Through Mindfulness

Six Steps To Positively Influence Success Through Mindfulness

Balancing my career as a marketing manager, parent of two teenage children, and volunteer with both SMPS Hawaii and SMPS Colorado can be overwhelming. Recently, I’ve embraced the practice of mindfulness and Usui Reiki concepts to guide my success.

Through the years, I’ve made priority lists, returned to school for a master’s degree, committed to a triathlon club, and volunteered at my children’s schools, but something was missing. When encouraged by my therapist to try yoga, the thought seemed silly considering the amount of biking, swimming, and running I was doing. I was exhausted, physically and mentally was incense and stretching going to be the key to happiness?

Skeptically heeding the advice, I sweated it out in heated Vinyasa, and yes, there was incense. While the mindfulness of a set intention prior to practice wasn’t personally intuitive, I cooperated and continued to breathe as instructed. The results of my focus and self-exploration were profound. I felt rested, calm, mindful, and confident that I could find peace in any situation at any time. And I did.


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This article, written by Jaime N. Clark, first appeared in the June 2021 issue of Marketer.

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