RISE Above and Immerse Yourself in You

RISE Above and Immerse Yourself in You

Sitting down to write this article about the amazing experience that will be Build Business 2021, I couldn’t help but think back to how we got to today. Though conference planning officially started back in October 2020, the seeds of inspiration were first planted on March 13, 2020 the day the world started closing down and everything changed due to COVID-19.

While most people were hunkering down, professional services marketers were entering one of the most demanding, challenging, and vital seasons of our careers. Communications, connections, brand positioning, and business development became the lifeboat for our companies—it was our time to shine. We got creative, we got innovative … we got to work!

When the conference committee began planning, we realized we had an obligation to help SMPS members learn from each other—to make lemonade out of that lemon of a year. And if there was anyone who could do that, it was this group of people: Jen Newman, FSMPS, CPSM; Wally Hise, P.E.; Donna Jakubowicz, FSMPS, CPSM; Michele Raftery; and Whitney Watson, CPSM. We were motivated to create a relevant, inspiring, and motivating experience worthy of your time and money.

First, it was important for Build Business to be an immersive experience. As much as we all wished we could be together in person, it just wasn’t in the cards. But the committee and staff of SMPS have worked tirelessly to create an experience unlike any virtual event you’ve attended.


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This article, written by Bethany R. Smith, first appeared in the June 2021 issue of Marketer. 

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