Build Business Experiences: Brooke Weinstein

Build Business Experiences: Brooke Weinstein

Brooke Weinstein, CPSM, director of northeast regional marketing at Dewberry, recently chatted with the Society about her role at Dewberry and experience attending Build Business in 2020.

What’s a usual day like for you at Dewberry? On a typical day, I focus on strategic capture planning, reviewing proposals for marketing QA/QC, meeting with our marketing team, and managing workload. I often plan and host professional development webinars for our marketing team, as well as technical seller-doers. I work with business unit leadership to develop and implement marketing plans and client action plans. Since the pandemic, I’ve focused on keeping our remote marketers engaged with corporate strategy, as well as team-building and wellness activities.

What’s your favorite part of the job? Well, I love winning, but more than that I enjoy collaborating with really smart people. I embrace new technology and am always looking for ways to improve marketing quality and save time.

Was 2020 the first time you attended Build Business?  No, I’ve been attending Build Business each year since 2015. I’m a former SMPS University graduate and in 2015 my group presented a workshop about using LinkedIn at Build Business. Since then, I’ve been hooked!

What did you think of the conference? I really enjoyed the keynote speakers and MAX sessions. I missed seeing some of my friends in person, but enjoyed the online chats. The live sessions helped me recharge my batteries.

What did you think of the virtual experience? I think the virtual experience made good use of the platform. Since many sessions were available on demand, I was able to host watch parties with my team. I enjoyed my candy attendee box as well!

Did you have a favorite part of the conference? Mark Shulman’s keynote was fantastic! He brought all the energy through the screen and I passed it along to my team.

What do you think you walked away with and could bring back to your firm to help with your job? In the expediting proposal workflow session, I learned that Word documents can be linked to InDesign. This is a game changer and I implemented it right away. The agile marketing session was also really informative and gave structure to a process that a lot of our proposal teams have adopted.


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