Social Media in A/E/C

Social Media in A/E/C

In a pre-COVID proposal kickoff meeting, a firm principal said, “Can you all please make sure your LinkedIn profiles are up to date? Clients have been checking these recently.” This was the same principal to whom, six months prior, I was explaining what a podcast was. A year earlier, I had to convince them that writing a blog was worth their time. Why the shift? Not because I’m an extremely persuasive individual, but because I finally had proof that social media works in the A/E/C industries. That proof was in the money.

One of our newer clients told us they had been following our social media (as well as that of our competitors) for several years before deciding to hire us. They were impressed by our content, and it was a contributing factor in their decision. We’d devoted a lot of time building a relationship with this particular client, but I’d never considered they were spending as much time researching and evaluating us. But it makes sense that potential clients judge us based on our social media. A client can call your references, but they know you’re giving references who will give you a positive review. Social media is a virtual manifestation of a firm in 280 characters or fewer. Good social media helps you make a good first impression.

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Article, written by Sherilyn Tkacz, first appeared in Marketer journal.

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