How Podcasts Get More Referrals and Clients

How Podcasts Get More Referrals and Clients

The novel coronavirus has done nothing if not show us the power of making connections virtually and doing so successfully. Working at home, most of us now reach out electronically in place of face-to-face meetings, conferences, sales calls, and even tradeshows.

It’s no wonder, then, that podcasts, which have been around conceptually for nearly two decades, have moved so easily toward maturity in our current media environment. Yet why have A/E/C firms been slow to adopt podcasting?

Long before the coronavirus outbreak— and certainly since—we became entrenched in a digital, virtual world, where podcasts live now among legitimate, mainstream “infotainment” options. In fact, some 104 million listeners now tune into podcasts each month (up from 90 million in 2019), according to Nielsen research. If that doesn’t convince you this is a powerful vehicle, here are a few other standout statistics

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This article, written by Dr. Jeremy Weisz, first appeared in Marketer journal.

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