How 1 Case Study = 3 Wins

How 1 Case Study = 3 Wins

A/E/C firms continually look for ways to differentiate themselves. Case studies can provide an important step toward achieving that goal.

Turbocharge your project profiles to create compelling case studies. Use them to highlight your strategic initiatives and go beyond standard testimonials to provide third-party verification. Add them to your marketing toolbox, and you’ll find countless ways to repurpose their content. And what’s more, each case study provides three distinct wins.

Win #1

As a professional services firm, you can use case studies, often called success stories, to clarify how you solved your client’s problem. They had a challenge, you offered an appropriate solution, and now they’re enjoying a measurable result. When possible, the case study should cite the specific metrics that show how your solution helped improve the situation. Once completed, you can use case studies in many ways to further marketing and business development.

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Article, written by Leslie A. Blaize, CPSM, first appeared in the December 2020 issues of Marketer journal.

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