Launch Your Thought Leadership Program in Four Steps

Launch Your Thought Leadership Program in Four Steps

As marketers, you know that it’s not only what you do, but how you promote it, that builds more business. And while your firm may have a strong portfolio that demonstrates your track record with project types, you must generate a variety of high-level, content-focused activities to get noticed.

Most companies trumpet the unique challenges of completed projects, but firms need to be forward-thinking about key trends changing the A/E/C industries. These days, leading firms sell big ideas. Instead of talking about their latest multifamily residential building, they talk about the future of housing. Instead of touting their most recent hospital, they talk about the patient experience.

There’s good reasoning behind this approach. Professional services firms don’t sell products or even services. Instead, they sell a promise that they can meet their clients’ goals, overcome their challenges, and achieve their aspirations (what they want, not what they must have). That’s why thought leadership is so critical for A/E/C firms because it gives you the opportunity to use your vision, expertise, and knowledge in ways that put your firm ahead of the proverbial pack.

If you’re not engaged in any kind of thought leadership—or even if you are—here are four quick tips that will get you moving on the right track.

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Article, written by Tami Hausman, Ph.D., first appeared in Marketer journal.

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