Six Reasons To Improve Your Proposal Writing

Six Reasons To Improve Your Proposal Writing


Anyone engaged in the planning and production of A/E/C marketing proposals knows what an enormous undertaking it can be.

This often-grueling process involves the creation and synthesis of assets into a cohesive document that adheres to strict guidelines. Typically overseen by an overburdened marketer, the proposal process usually takes place on an accelerated timeline, with a lot of cooks in the kitchen.

Though proposals comprise only one component of successful project pitches, they help a firm (or multifirm team) earn a coveted spot on a shortlist or at an interview table.

In short, they’re really important.

Yet, despite the significant resources devoted to generating these documents, they often get produced with a skewed focus on the visual elements. This is understandable: The graphic design, presentation, and packaging of proposals can enhance their overall effectiveness and impact.

But the words matter, too. Here’s why.

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Article, written by Mike Plotnick, first appeared in Marketer journal.



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