Improving Our Communities

Improving Our Communities

Fair or not, there is a stereotype that persists in the A/E/C industries that a construction project is the crucible an organization must “get through” to realize their vision of a new or enhanced facility. But the truth is that a construction project can be an exciting, transformational—and positive—experience. For us, this experience naturally occurs as a result of our organization’s culture, a culture we’ve intentionally transformed, which has led to tremendous profit growth.

Having spent more than 40 years working for Shook Construction, I have witnessed how historically our organization has done a poor job of reflecting or expressing what makes us unique. To address this shortcoming, in the fall of 2017 we gathered a diverse group of thought leaders from across our organization and went through an extensive strategic planning process. A key area of focus was an overhaul of our company’s vision, mission, and values.

Every organization has a culture, but not all cultures are defined. Nor are they all authentic or meaningful. Within the strategic-planning process, we scrutinized every word and comma to ensure the resulting statements—and, therefore, our culture—reflected our principles and ideals to which employees can feel connected. These words remind internal teammates that the work we do every day serves a higher purpose and dramatically improves the communities we serve.

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Article, written by Bill Whistler, first appeared in the February 2020 issue of Marketer.





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