How To Implement a Team Writing Process

How To Implement a Team Writing Process

As with most creative endeavors, writing can seem magically pulled from thin air to blossom on paper on its own. But writers know that’s not quite how it works, and definitely not while writing as part of a team.

Part of the creative growth in team writing includes setting up processes you didn’t know you needed. If you’ve ever been stuck in a never-ending email string of back-and-forth edits, suggestions, and “what if we try” comments, it’s time to implement a process and get everyone on the same page.

My firm recently embarked on a writing process overhaul to improve and clearly define the entire process. Here are some of our best practices and lessons learned.

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Article, written by Anna Martinovich, CPSM, first appeared in the October 2019 issue of Marketer.

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