Data for Customer Engagement and Business Development

Data for Customer Engagement and Business Development

Digital transformation. Disruption. Innovation. As a professional in the A/E/C industries, you know these buzzwords all too well. Project teams are accustomed to adapting, testing new solutions on their project sites, and reaping the benefits of quicker workflows and access to data in real time. But what does it mean for marketers?

There’s a tremendous amount of transformation happening in today’s business landscape, particularly as it pertains to the evolving digital space. As builders, it should come as no surprise that in A/E/C we’re well poised for the quick adaptation required for businesses to function in the digital age.

The ability to implement new solutions is no longer an option, but an imminent necessity to meet customer’s evolving expectations. Software solutions make design-and-build workflows more efficient, but the most significant advantage is presented by the access to data captured by project teams. Most important, how is that data being used to proactively make improvements and predict project outcomes?

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Article, written by Elena Lelchuk, first appeared in the August 2019 issue of Marketer.

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