Declutter Your CRM To Increase Productivity

Declutter Your CRM To Increase Productivity

In A/E/C, we have a lot of processes. Your company has a process for deciding which projects you’ll go after. Your marketing team has a process for capturing information for use on proposals. You even have a process for how you start each morning when you get into work. But what do you do when those processes start to create clutter instead of efficiency?

If you’re the boss, you can change those processes. Even if you’re not the boss, you can still have an impact on what will work for you and your team. Decluttering is the process of getting rid of that which no longer serves you. It doesn’t have to be decluttering your closet or your home. Decluttering can help in all aspects of your life, including at work.

Here are five processes you can use to declutter your CRM. These will help you and your teams be more productive and efficient so you can concentrate on winning more work.

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Article, written by Krystle English, CPSM, first appeared in the August 2019 issue of Marketer.

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