ENR publishes “What is the Future of A/E/C Marketing?”

ENR publishes “What is the Future of A/E/C Marketing?”On December 3, 2019, Engineering News-Record (ENR) published a blog post authored by Scott Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM, on the need for architecture, engineering, construction (A/E/C), and environmental firms to continually stay abreast of what is happening in marketing and business development. To help A/E/C firms remain competitive and catch a glimpse into the future of marketing, the new report, Marketing 2022: A Survey Exploring Current and Future A/E/C Marketing Practices, authored by Scott, is available as a complimentary download.

Below is an excerpt from the post:

As consumers, we are receiving a nonstop parade of marketing messages on a daily basis. Some sources report that we see 5,000 or more marketing messages daily. However, the way we are receiving these messages continues to change, based upon societal preferences and newer technologies.

We used to receive these messages in a limited number of ways: terrestrial radio commercials, television commercials, newspaper and magazine advertisements, and billboards. Newer technologies were developed and, is always the case, advertising followed. After the invention and widespread adoption of email, we soon began receiving unwanted emails promoting countless products that we didn’t want or need. As the internet grew in popularity, advertising followed. Social media came into fashion – first on college campuses, then to the general public – and soon advertisers found their way onto the social platforms. Today marketers reach us via video, podcasts, video games, cinemas, television, radio, outdoor, and pretty much everywhere else.

Advertising is just one example of how changing technologies, as well as generational and societal preferences, have altered the way we receive marketing messaging.


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