Be Courageous and Tell a Connected Story

Be Courageous and Tell a Connected Story

It’s a common practice for A/E/C firms—no matter the size—to describe the services they deliver instead of what comes out of the services. Firms fall into the habit of rattling off a list of offerings and miss an important point: how their services solve problems or impact the client. This habit, unfortunately, can become a crutch.

You’re unsure of the real reason you do what you do, so you resort to lists. But lists are not stories and lists don’t compel potential clients to choose your firm for their next project. It’s a shame, because the body of work you are building could tell a phenomenal story if you look for and plan it. There’s true value hidden in the tangible results of the technical services you provide, and that value carries great meaning.

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Written by Elke Giba, this article first appeared in the October 2019 issue of Marketer.

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