Make Time To Compare

Make Time To Compare

On a personal level, some say comparing ourselves to others might not be a good thing. But I can think of one great reason to compare, actually I like to call it “evaluate”—and that’s when it comes to our professional lives.

Time flies when you’re passionate about what you do. And while you’re working hard to build business or market your firm, you might not have time to consider whether your compensation lines up. Or if your firm is staying competitive to retain the best talent within the A/E/C arena.

That’s why, for five years now, SMPS has made it easier (and more efficient) by offering an annual Marketing Compensation and Metrics Survey. Participating in our survey allows you to:

  • See details for A/E/C-specific job functions within professional services
  • Become better informed in knowing what other firms offer in their benefits packages
  • Stay competitive when hiring new talent
  • Filter the data to use during your next performance review to get the compensation package you deserve

By entering data, you’ll help others compare, which leads to valuable information-sharing to boost our professions and industries. If you complete at least 40% of the survey, you’ll get free access to view results and run reports for a year.

Remember, staying informed in the workplace shows you know your worth—and the worth of others.

Until next time,

Tina Myers, CAE
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

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