A More Valuable Way To Think About Value Proposition

An A/E/C firm’s value proposition communicates the tangible result of engaging with the firm, making it the most persuasive factor in marketing. In fact, the value proposition is often central in elevator pitches because, when there’s only time to communicate one thing, bottom-line value makes an impression.

The Old Approach to Value Proposition

Because a value proposition is so critical for sealing the deal, marketers have historically devoted much time, energy, institutional knowledge, and experience toward developing a single value statement internally within their firm’s own walls—essentially, in a vacuum.

Once the team crafted what they believed was the strongest value proposition (which took a very long time and much debate), it would be written in stone and deployed for the long haul.

Whether it worked or not was difficult to assess, but the complexities of gathering information made doing anything else cost prohibitive for most firms.

A New Day for Value Proposition

In today’s always-changing business climate, your firm’s brand, and especially its value proposition, must continually evolve to remain relevant.

Fortunately, many inexpensive technology options and easy access to data make it possible to not only perfect your value proposition from the start, but also monitor and refine it over time.

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This article, written by Ida Cheinman, first appeared in the April 2019 issue of Marketer.

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