SMPS Advances: April 2019

To provide transparency and expand member engagement, SMPS HQ provides an executive summary of the board of directors’ discussions and decisions following each regular meeting. The eight-member board of directors meets in person at least four times each fiscal year to fulfill its responsibility of governing the Society and advancing the strategic needs of our members, the organization, and the A/E/C marketing profession. The meeting typically also includes the SMPS Foundation president and the senior management staff.

The board of directors held its spring meeting on April 10-11, 2019, in Alexandria, VA, and discussed several timely and strategic matters. The agenda included the following topics:

  •    Reviewed the quarterly financial report
  •    Reviewed the SMPS Code of Ethics and directed the staff to make changes related to social media usage
  •    Discussed new approaches to improve services for chapters
  •    Discussed the 2018 and 2019 Build Business conferences
  •    Discussed the planning for the 2019 Presidents’ Leadership Symposium and the development of a new chapter leaders conference in 2020
  •    Discussed the planned role delineation survey to be conducted in 2019–2020
  •    Discussed the election process for the 2019–2020 board of directors and the Foundation’s board of trustees
  •    Reviewed the planning for The Pinnacle Experience 2019
  •    Received an update on the new technology to support HQ and chapter operations
  •    Received an update on research and fundraising by the SMPS Foundation

If you have any questions regarding these matters or the Society’s board meetings, please contact SMPS Chief Executive Officer Michael V. Geary, CAE, at

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