The Secret To Winning More Work

Anyone who sells products or services understands how difficult it can be to win business. You often find yourself up against prospects who are under pressure to control costs, and therefore only seem to be interested in your price.

How do you move the conversation past price to demonstrate your value in the marketplace, and justify the price or fees you deserve? The secret is to compose a powerful customer value proposition.

What Is a Customer Value Proposition?

A customer value proposition is a clear statement that can help direct prospects to focus on what your products/services are truly worth and what makes you unique in the marketplace. It should explain how you will solve potential customers’ specific problem(s), how the solution will benefit them, and why they should select your products/services over your competitors. This is your unique selling proposition. Once a prospect understands what you offer, they can make an educated decision about whom to work with or what to buy.

Most companies do not have a value proposition, or they do not have one that truly impacts and motivates client opinions. I believe it is because many companies (and marketers) do not fully grasp the power of a well-written value proposition—or understand how to use one to win business—so it’s not in everyone’s purview. This is great news for you, because it can be to your sales advantage to write and use one.

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The Secret To Winning More Work, written by Amy Graver, first appeared in the February 2019 issue of Marketer.

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