Our Initiatives in the New Year

Happy belated New Year! It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through February already, even though winter seems as if it’s been around forever.

With a new year comes a new resolve. The SMPS board of trustees is committed to raising awareness of the SMPS Foundation and its purpose of providing relevant and timely research that advances our profession and industries. In addition to promoting our recent research publications, we’re continuing to develop new initiatives:

  • We’re wrapping up a project with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville that will result in a report on marketing tech tools. Look for that to be released soon.
  • We’re developing an annual publication on why clients buy and how they make purchasing decisions.
  • Next steps for our 2018 neuropsychology report are underway, including real-world examples of how the principles can be applied and their effectiveness.
  • We’ve begun conversations with CEOs to gather timely information on how marketing and business development teams can increase their effectiveness to help build business.

We thank all of you—our members, firms, chapters and regional conferences—who have donated to the SMPS Foundation and believe in the work we do. If you’re interested in helping our efforts, I invite you to make a tax-deductible* donation. Your support will directly contribute to the development of future initiatives that support our industries and professionals like you. Here are three ways to make a contribution:

Text2Give:  To participate, text “Give 25” (to give $25, but you can enter any amount) to 703-991-6181 and follow the prompts. You do not need to include the $ character.

Check the Box: When you receive your annual SMPS membership dues renewal, simply check the box to give to the SMPS Foundation.

Donate online: Visit our webpage and support the SMPS Foundation by making a donation.

Stay warm, folks. Spring is on the way!



SMPS Foundation President Brad Thurman, P.E., FSMPS, CPSM, is principal & chief marketing officer at Wallace Engineering in Tulsa, OK. He can be reached at bthurman@wallacesc.com.

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