Share SMPS: Refer a Friend

Thanks to everyone who has referred their friends to the Society over the years. Our Share SMPS: Refer a Friend program continues to grow and help build the SMPS network for our members.

For sharing the value of SMPS, members who refer a colleague who join the Society as a new member will earn three additional months of membership. Refer two or more members who join in the same year and receive a $25 e-gift card. Have a friend you’d like to refer? Log in to get the process started.

Between September 2017 and December 2018, the following members referred one of their colleagues:

Emy Burback, MBA, CPSM
Lauren Stanton
Matthew Anderson, P.E.
Ali Aranda
Jennifer Wells, CPSM
Taylor Hube, CPSM
Amanda Murphy
Ginny Andrews
Jill Shorter
Lyndsay Woods, CPSM
Diane Gilman, CPSM
Linda Kelly, CPSM
Gabe Kramer, M.Ed.
Jessica Nichols, CPSM
Lyndy Lovelady
Tammy Lee
Gail Allevato, CMO
Marissa Sproul
Jennifer Byrd
Kimberly Wybenga
Becky Rehorn, MBA
Maria Loitz, FSMPS, CPSM
Kelly Maxwell
Susan H. Labas, CPSM
Kate Anderson
Amanda Greenfield
John McClure
Lynn DiGiovanni
Jessica Bazan
Marsha Miller
Elisabeth Lloyd
Lisa Greene, CPSM
Dez Joslin
Michelle Erste, CPSM
Sarah Meiners
Glenn Hart
Deborah Talamantez
Bert Schnoebelen, MSPM

Between September 2017 and December 2018, the following members referred two or more of their colleagues:

Jeni Merryweather
Valerie Jackson, MBA
Steve Coyle, CSI
Andrea Babin
Emily McElroy
Elisabeth Godfrey


If you submitted a referral but have not been acknowledged or received credit, please reach out to Matthew McFadden at

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