Employing Guerrilla Marketing To Energize Promotional Activities

Guerrilla marketing has been around for a long time now. We’ve all seen flash mobs and giant melting ice cream cones appear overnight. We know about these campaigns mainly because of social media, and because they work. While other industries have excelled at unconventional campaigns so much that it’s become part of normal operating procedure, the A/E/C industries have never really gotten on board.

This is unfortunate. We market the built environment. This is where guerrilla marketing dwells; where the most potential exists. Why haven’t we pulled off any incredible, over-the-top marketing schemes?

Guerrilla marketing is all about being original and creative—doing something so different that it catches people off guard and they remember it. This type of marketing translates into easy publicity. It’s easy to get the media’s attention when you transform every bench in the city into a giant candy bar or drop hundreds of teddy bears all over a neighborhood.

It’s also perfect for the social media age. People love to watch videos and share memes. For an industry that struggles with social media (it’s difficult to get people excited about a really cool HVAC system or a condo complex), guerrilla marketing offers a chance to stand out and generate more compelling content.

So, how do we utilize this effective marketing strategy to enliven our promotional activities?

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Article, written by Christopher Priest, first appeared in the October 2018 issue of Marketer.

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