A Survey of A/E/C Video Marketing

What does video marketing look like in the visually-oriented A/E/C industries? Marketing at large has been trending toward the widespread use of video for a while. Forbes even called 2017 “The Year of Video Marketing,” but when I recently attempted to answer the A/E/C video question, I was surprised at the lack of quantitative information available.

The only information specific to A/E/C I could find boiled down to “A/E/C marketers should include video in their content marketing,” which was not what I was hoping to find. There was little-to-no information about its actual prevalence or what kind of quality, length, content, or hosting practices were commonly used.

Since explicit answers were unavailable, I decided to review 2,288 videos from 50 of America’s top firms to create the following picture of the A/E/C video marketing landscape.

Download the entire article.

This article, written by Aislinn (Ashlyn) O’Leary,  first appeared in the February 2018 issue of Marketer.

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