Inbound Marketing

Integrate Inbound Marketing Strategies

Marketing tactics have evolved drastically over the past 10 years and will continue to evolve at a rapid pace. For years now, traditional outbound methods such as trade shows, print ads, direct mail, and cold calling have not produced the same results. It’s become increasingly difficult for A/E/C marketers to break through the noise and generate leads.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have transformed customers into savvy researchers. According to the Social Buying Study conducted by the International Data Corporation, 75 percent of business-to-business buyers use social networks to research products. That’s a staggering number that can’t be ignored.

However, many A/E/C firms are risk-averse, and leadership is hesitant to make investments in new methods of lead generation. Many think the solution is to double-down on current strategies or hire additional salespeople. Unfortunately, these methods magnify, rather than solve, the issue.

To break through the noise and generate qualified leads, you must integrate inbound marketing strategies such as social media, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, and content creation into your existing marketing plan.

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This article, written by Angie Gensler,  first appeared in the February 2018 issue of Marketer.

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