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February is the month of showing love and appreciation, and that means we shouldn’t forget our firm, colleagues, and even ourselves. As we begin to take action on goals we’ve set at our firms, we can easily show the love by sharing valuable information that can help the entire team and ultimately build business.

For example, is one of your company goals to refresh or revamp your website? According to a study by Hinge, research has shown that over 8o percent of professional service buyers check out a firm’s website during the business development process. And more than 20 percent of buyers referred to a firm rule out that firm based on an unimpressive website.

This quote caught my firm’s attention on the importance of a website and how it speaks to clients as they look for thought leaders to assist them with projects. In a way, it has validated the research and tools developed by the SMPS Foundation, specifically one that we released in 2017, Pull Marketing in Action: How A/E/C Clients Use Websites to Find and Vet Service Providers.

Marketing wisdom has transitioned from focusing on push strategies (aimed at broadcasting information toward potential consumers) to pull strategies (aimed at inviting potential customers to find you). As this change in marketing strategy has occurred, the size of the professional services economy has grown.This SMPS Foundation report will help you to understand how buyers of professional services use websites and other online tools and will assist A/E/C marketers to ensure that their investment in online resources is strategically planned and represents money well spent.

To build a buyer-friendly website that converts website visitors into clients, it’s important that A/E/C marketers, business developers, and firm leaders understand what information prospective clients are actively seeking, and then present this information in a way that resonates.

My firm is in the middle of redeveloping our website now and applying the findings of this SMPS Foundation research report has been a great start to meeting our goals of attracting prospective clients, delivering value, and making a maximum impact on website visitors.

Don’t forget, you too can take advantage of the research and reports that the SMPS Foundation offers. We have many tools available to help you transform your firm through marketing leadership.

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SMPS Foundation President Melissa Lutz, FSMPS, CPSM, is principal at Champlin Architecture. She can be reached at melissa.lutz@thinkchamplin.com or 513.241.4474, x116.

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