Appreciation: Show the Love

Make someone’s life easier or happier.

Have you ever been surprised by how good something is? I tend to compare every experience to the best one I’ve had. When something surpasses my memory, the bar gets raised. And each time I focus on what’s remarkable, I always seem to find something that’s better.

Over the past few weeks, SMPS has surprised me. I always expect the best from our members, so when I experience something better and better, it makes me swell with pride. For starters, CPSM Week has been filled with great stories, amazing proof points, and fun plays on words. Scrolling through Twitter feeds and Facebook posts, I find proud CPSMs, delighted firm sponsors, and chapters that are making certification a goal for every member. What a perfect way to emphasize our vision to transform business through marketing leadership.

Seeing members networking with smiles and enthusiasm at a chapter meeting, welcoming both visitors and new members, and making everyone feel like part of the group reminds me how committed we are to this community of ours. When colleagues venture out for an SMPS event on roads covered in ice, you truly notice the value the Society holds in our professional lives.

Recognizing the significant effort our volunteers put into organizing a regional conference highlights that ‘can do’ spirit that resides in each of us. Listening to chapter leaders describe the ways they show appreciation to their members, committee members, speakers, sponsors, and member firms illustrates our creativity and acknowledges our common need to be appreciated for what we do.

How do you show appreciation to those whose paths cross yours each day? While we don’t “do” to be rewarded, I challenge you to take inventory of the many things you do in one day to make someone’s life easier or happier. When you recognize those things, I bet you’ll start to see the small things others do for you. Your focus on appreciating the little things will transform the way you interact with people.

Often all it takes is a smile to acknowledge a kindness. Maybe it’s a quick note to a colleague who just updated his résumé, unasked. Or a cup of coffee for your boss with a heartfelt thank you for supporting your role and allowing you to put your best foot forward.

I hope you’ll consider showing the love for the entire month of February. And know from my heart that I would not be serving as president of our Society if it weren’t for the many ways SMPS continues to surprise me. I appreciate each one of you!

SMPS President Nancy Usrey, FSMPS, CPSM, is associate vice president of HNTB in Plano, TX. She can be reached at

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