A Feeling of Possibility and Inspiration

We can’t fulfill our mission without all of you.

The new year always begins with a feeling of possibility and inspiration for what’s to come. As the SMPS Foundation kicks off 2018, we’re excited about the efforts surrounding the newest research topic: Understanding the Neuroscience Behind Client Decision-Making and How It Can Be Applied to Marketing and Business Development. We’re currently in the RFP phase of the project and hope to announce more details in the coming months. The SMPS Foundation has a commitment to all our SMPS members and stakeholders to deliver top-notch research that will enable you to transform your businesses through marketing leadership.

We cannot fulfill our mission without all of you. I am inspired by the contributions the foundation has received in 2017. Thank you for giving back to the Society. Every donation makes a difference and impacts the research we are able to provide. In 2017, we raised a total of $62,417 which is up 147 percent from 2016. And our 2017 holiday giving campaign surpassed 2016 by 102 percent. If you’re wondering how you can help in 2018, there are two ways. The first way involves spreading the word. We have several programs that we are working on for 2018.SMPS Fellows Challenge: We have a goal of reaching 100 percent giving by all SMPS Fellows. We currently have 116 SMPS Fellows in the Society. Imagine if each fellow contributes at least $50, we would raise $5,800. Twenty-three SMPS Fellows made a contribution in 2017, and we look forward to additional support.

SMPS Chapter Challenge: We can increase awareness for the SMPS Foundation by challenging each chapter to contribute, as well as have them think of the SMPS Foundation when planning yearly programs. Last year, eight chapters collectively gave $5,740. We have 58 SMPS chapters. If each chapter donates at least $100 this year, we will raise $5,800.

SMPS Regional Conference Challenge: Several of our regional conferences made a financial commitment to the SMPS Foundation, with a shoutout to SMPS SRC for donating a total of $15,910, including matching dollars for all money raised through our initial Text2Give launch at Build Business. SMPS Foundation trustees and friends will be presenting at several upcoming regional conferences, and we thank all of the them for their commitment.

In addition to spreading the word through our programs, you can help by making an individual contribution to the SMPS Foundation. Your donation will make a big impact on our ability to deliver valuable research to our members and stakeholders. In addition to donating when you renew your membership, there are two ways to donate*:

1) Text2Give:  To participate, text “give” to 703-991-6181 and follow the prompts.

2) Online: Visit the SMPS Foundation webpage and support the foundation by making a donation.

In closing, thank you to all of the SMPS Foundation board of trustees, SMPS board of directors, and SMPS staff for your passion and commitment to the success of the SMPS Foundation. Like Calvin Coolidge once said, “No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”




SMPS Foundation President Melissa Lutz, FSMPS, CPSM, is principal at Champlin Architecture. She can be reached at melissa.lutz@thinkchamplin.com or 513.241.4474, x116.


*Tax deductibility applies to U.S. citizens only.

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